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User Agreement - Terms & Policies  

This User Agreement is entered between you and BeautyMakeoversTV.Com (BMOTV™ us) an online publication or Site AKA (Web Site) that offers Free Beauty Makeovers Stories, Interviews, Videos, and Directories, Postings, Special Incentives or Coupons from Participants (the contents) to its viewers, readers, visitors referred to as "the service" subject to the following User Agreement and Terms of Use.

By visiting the site, viewing, reading or sharing our web site; you are therefore using the service and agree to comply with its terms of use and policies and to abide by its worldwide copyrighted, trade name and intellectual property features such as contents, text, photos, videos and exclusive guidelines that may be changed by us at anytime from time to time without prior notice to you. 

The content of this web site is not meant as medical advice, from us in any manner whatsoever; but relates to viewers the unbiased personal experiences and sincere opinions of our Writers or Editors who tested the products or services reviewed or covered during Beauty Makeovers Stories with complimentary products or services presented to us for testing purposes. 

BMOTV™ does not endorse the contents or claims made in any advertisements, directories postings, articles written by other parties, or special offers  provided by any advertisers, sponsors, participants or vendors listed in our Directories, postings or stories.  You (the viewer, reader or visitor) at your sole discretion will be responsible for selecting the services, facilities of the advertisers or vendors or participants in our stories or reviews.

All pictures taken by BMOTV™ and tapings with the BMOTV trade Name or trade Mark are the property of BMOTV™. Other photos posted may be royalty free or pictures paid for that are in our database, or videos provided by Participants at their discretion.

Any results of  areas treated will be posted per BMOTV™ selection with the Editor's Q & A, photographs or Video.
All contents & updates are the property of BMOTV™.

If any Product or Service used while preparing a Review or a Story causes irritation or any adverse reaction deemed to be harmful, BMOTV™ reserves the right to discontinue its use (product or service) immediately and to notify the Participant of the adverse result to correct, remove or improve the Product or Service.

Products that receive a 1 QVS Rating  do not qualify for a Free Coupon Posting on BMOTV™ or a top billing on any Directory until the Quality of the Product receives a Q:3  Rating.

BMOTV™ QVS Ratings is as follows: 

Quality, Value, Service Rating (QVS Rating)

1-3. Rating - 3  Highest is Best

Ratings Examples:

Quality (Does it Work & Deliver Positive Results?): = 3 Best = it Works 

Value (Price Compared to Other Options): =  2 Needs Improvement 

Services: (Customer Services - Care Received) = 1 Poor 

QVS Rating: 

Quality = Does it Work? - 

Value = Is it Cost Effective?

Service = Are the Customer Services Caring? 


1 = Poor 

2 = Needs Improvement 

3 = Best  

BMOTV™ reserves the right to change, modify or alter its terms &, policies or contents and conditions at any time upon giving notice to its readers by simply posting the changes on its web site; and any viewer may review the changes regularly as posted publicly.

If you disagree with any of BMOTV™ terms of use or conditions or modifications or become dissatisfied with BMOTV™in any way, your only recourse is to discontinue its use at your earliest convenience. 


BMOTV™  is not responsible for other contents shared, or received from other publications, advertisers, vendors, participants in our stories or specialists offering their services or facilities and resources through our Web Site, and that by using our service you may be exposed to any content that is objectionable, not to your liking, offensive, potentially inaccurate, misleading, helpful or to your liking.

Contents available through this service may contain links to other websites that are independent of BMOTV™ who makes no representation or warranty as to their accuracy, or authenticity of the information that these sites may contain. When linking to any other websites viewers agree that they do so at their own risk.

Viewers, readers and visitors are hereby notified and agree that BMOTV™is not liable in any manner whatsoever for any content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of contents posted, emailed or otherwise made available via BMOTV™ free service to them. Should there be a dispute between viewers and vendors or vendors on this site, or between users and any third party of linked sites, viewers (you) understand and agree that BMOTV™ is under no obligation to become involved as a mediator or else and that you must address your dispute directly with the third party with whom you have a grievance or compliments to share.

If you feel that copyrighted material that you own or legally represent has been infringed; BMOTV™ will remove the infringing postings, subject to the the procedures outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) following receipt of an e-mail letter from you containing:

1) Specific information describing the material on the site that you claim is infringing including the link pointing to the infringement on the website;


2) A written statement signed by you with your physical or electronic signature declaring under penalty of perjury that you are the owner of the copyrighted material or that you are authorized to act on behalf of the owner providing evidence showing that the copyrighted use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;


3) Your address, telephone number, and your email address. 

BMOTV™does not authorize advertisements or postings that are unlawful, threatening, vulgar, abusive, harassing or invasive of another's privacy.
If you would like to have a complimentary, educational and credible article posted on our website; please contact us with a link to the complimentary article that you wish us to post and provide us any evidence that you own the article or are authorized to have us post your article and we will review it as soon as possible.

If your article is selected, BMOTV™ will post it with your writer's credit and contact information; we may also link the article to your website if any.
BeautyMakeoversTV.Com may amend or reserves the right to amend any of its Terms & Policies at its sole discretion; by simply posting its current updates online without requiring to contact its Participants.

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